Protected from the Elements with James Hardie

Choosing a 100% HARDIE builder should relieve your list of home siding stressors. You can relax knowing that we use high-performance James Hardie® siding and trim that are engineered with the weather in mind. No matter where you live—from the mountains to the prairies, from the desert to the sea—when you opt for a 100% HARDIE home, you’re getting a home sided with siding and trim products that take your exact region’s climate into account.

James Hardie is the only siding company that engineers its products for a specific climate. It created the HardieZone® System so that you get the right product to help protect your home from any local weather that gets thrown its way, year after year. 

Here’s how 100% HARDIE homes are safeguarded from the seasons no matter where you call home.

James Hardie siding and trim…

Resists fading from UV rays. James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology is specifically engineered to help prevent damage from the heat and beating sun. The products’ finish is multi-coated, baked-on and helps resist fading and damaging UV rays so that your siding can retain vibrancy longer with lower maintenance.

Considers all climates. In North America, James Hardie has two main climate systems, the HZ10® and HZ5® product zones. HZ10 products are engineered for the humid heat and coastal air. It’s made to help resist cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling in the most extreme weather. HZ5 products are equipped for vast temperature variations, from freezing temperatures to high heat, along with snow, wind and ice, ready to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even in the coldest, nastiest weather. 


Provides wind resistance. James Hardie can serve as your windbreaker. Turns out, fiber cement siding helps resist the impact of windblown debris. Heavy winds and blizzards can hit hard and fast, and James Hardie siding can help you feel protected. Check out this video of what homeowners, contractors and architects have to say about super storm sand and the durable qualities of James Hardie siding. 

Winter, spring, summer or fall, James Hardie siding and trim are ready to help protect regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for your home. Go 100% HARDIE for a professional builder and durable siding that’ll make you feel safe.

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