Selecting the Land for Your Custom Home

Breaking Ground On A Custom Home

Where you build your home is as essential as how you build your home. There are a lot of variables to consider when you are looking for a piece of land to use for building your dream home. Here is a list of some of the most important elements to consider when looking for a piece of property:


This may seem like an obvious factor to consider when you are looking at land. You need to consider your commute to work and ease of accessibility. On the other hand, you need to consider whether you want your home out in the country or more in the city. Out in the country you will likely be able to getter larger patches of land, but closer to the city means closer to the amenities and comforts associated with modern life.

Not only does the location have an impact on your life after the construction of the home is completed, but it also impacts the process involved with constructing your home. There is likely to be charges associated with construction further out in the country. There could be greater costs for having to haul materials a longer distance. 

Zoning Requirements

You will also want to consider differing zoning requirements that are enforced by the city, county, and state municipalities where you are considering buying land. It is crucial to determine whether you can build the type of home you desire on the land you are looking at. Some land is only deemed suitable for certain building types.

Smells and Sounds

Something that you may not have considered is how all your senses will react to the property. This same principle is also applicable to when buying a house. You cannot get a full sense of a property from its pictures; you must consider the scents and sounds of the property. Whether you are dealing with the sounds of a busy highway or the smells of a down wind farm, these factors will impact your standard of living and the future value of your home.

Environmental Hazards

The landscape surrounding the property can cause some unforeseen problems if the proper research is not done. You will want to verify that your land is not in a flood plain. Elevation must also be taken into consideration; some foundations can be more unstable than others.

Utility Services

Another important aspect of your home is access to utilities. Unless you’re a big fan of ‘roughing it’ when you’re at home, you will likely need to make sure the property can sustain running water, and electricity. Areas that do not have established phone or electric lines can be expensive to put the necessary components in place. You might also have to put in a propane tank or septic tank for your new property. This may seem overwhelming, as there is clearly a lot of factors to consider when looking for property for your new home. If you have any questions on what the experts look for, the pros at Engelsma Homes have years of home building expertise and we are here to help. We can also create a comprehensive list of properties to fit your individual needs. When you have found the perfect land for your dream home, Engelsma Homes is the perfect company to make your dream a reality.

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