Our Custom Home Building and Remodeling Process

Custom Home Kitchen

What does the process look like for remodeling or building of your custom luxury home? The team at Engelsma Homes have been experts in the industry for years. Our team takes a very involved approach to creating the right home or the optimal remodel to suit your imagination. Our past customers have raved about our attention to detail, and our hands on approach in the design process.

Here is a look at our process for remodeling your custom home.

This may seem obvious, but the first step is to talk to us. We want to talk with you and get a full understanding of why you want to do high-end, custom home remodel. We want to know what you want to accomplish, whether be beautiful views from your kitchen, or the perfect living room for hosting parties. We will take every request into consideration and provide you with a description of the process we will use to create your vision. Once you like what we have put together for you, then we move onto the next stage.

Which is to meet at your home to review all specific details that are required. Involved in this is a transparent pricing estimate so there are no surprises when signing the contract when that time comes.

Now we will have you sign a design agreement. We will be working together in this stage to hash out the design room by room to fully suit your style. Throughout the process we engineer the project with your budget expectations in mind. This stage is crucial for giving you peace of mind regarding a design that fits your budget and fits your personal expectations. We will specify the materials and methods most effective for your specific construction.

The next stage will have you signing a construction agreement. We work very hard to make sure you are comfortable and informed during the entire process. It is our goal to make your custom home building or remodeling as painless and streamlined as possible.

This process ends with us creating the home best suited to your exact specifications, for proof here are some examples of our proudest work! If you would like to get your custom home building or remodeling process underway, connect with our team today!

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