4 Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets

Nothing speaks more to your personal style than your home, and what better way to bring that out than customizing your home? A custom cabinet and closet design can make your home truly one of a kind. Imagine a space truly unique to your needs and style, that’s exactly what our design team at Engelsma Homes and Natural Elements Custom Cabinetry is here to help with! 

Customizing your home may seem like a lot of extra work with so many beautiful options out there, but here are 4 reasons you’ll never regret a beautiful custom design.

Highest Quality

We started in this business over 20 years ago and have learned all the best techniques. Custom cabinetry is our way of life and we have done all we can to ensure our clients the absolute best in products and craftsmanship. Over the years we have found what materials are best for each room of your home and learned to integrate technology with traditional crafting methods. We’ve expanded our operations to include CNC machines which precisely cut cabinetry in record time, giving our clients a unique and high-quality product. Custom cabinets are designed specifically to fit your home and needs made of any material you desire, unlike prebuilt which come preassembled and forced to fit.

Your Style

Our design team works with each homeowner to design cabinets and trim that work functionally and fit the style they desire. Cabinets and closets can be measured precisely to fit plates or shoes. Clients can suggest design ideas or needs to make the space unique to them. It’s important to out team you have a home that functions for you and is truly all your own. Clients can choose everything from style, finishes, and doors to the molding. Customers can be as involved or uninvolved as they wish to be. 

Everything Fits

Wouldn’t it be nice for everything in your home to have a place, a place where it fits perfectly? With custom cabinets you can have just that! Cabinets and closets can be measured so precisely they fit each plate and cup perfectly. Would you like a shoe rack in your closet or maybe a tie rack? No problem! These are all things custom cabinetry can take care of, and so much more. Take a second to browse our portfolio and see homes we’ve already helped with; the possibilities are endless. We love helping clients make their lives easier and their homes easier to live in!

What Looks Good, Sells Good

Of course, we want you to love your home and keep it forever, but that’s not always the case. Custom cabinetry can help boost the value of your home should you ever choose to sell. They add a sense of pride and knowledge the home was well thought out and cared for, all things buyers love. The higher quality products help add value to your home and the one of kind design will give it a unique flare and make it stand out among other homes. If you’re looking to sell custom cabinetry can be huge added value to your home.

Closets, cabinets, trim it’s all things we see and use every day, but when done right make all the difference to the seamlessness and grandness of your home. Let Englesma Homes and Natural Elements Custom Cabinetry help you choose the right cabinetry for your lifestyle and personal style. Our design team is waiting to work with you today! 

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