5 Tips for Building the Perfect Walk-In Closet

Every homeowner dreams of a beautiful walk in closet. The perfect place to store everything away neat and tidy with no hassle. Knowing your own unique style and collection of accessories can help you to plan ahead and have the perfect custom space designed. Here our five tips to help you get the custom walk-in closet of your dreams:

1. Clothes Storage

closet storage

When designing your closet not only is it important to consider the amount of storage you need for your clothing but also the type of storage necessary. Will you be putting more clothes in drawers or do you need more hanging space? Will you be hanging long dresses and jackets or shorter blouses? The amount of each type of storage you need can help your design team build you the perfect closet that fits all your needs and clothing.

2. Accessories

The type of accessories you keep in your closet and how you plan to display them is also important. Perhaps you would like a rotating shoe rack or a floor to ceiling shoe display. Consider small drawers for items like ties, watches, and even jewelry. Having custom storage and display cases built is a great way to make the space functional and truly unique. Depending on your needs and taste your team can help you design the perfect space.

3. Custom Doors

custom barn door

The entrance to your closet sets the tone to the rest of the space and will be the first thing any guest may see, make it a good first impression. You can choose a grand or subtle entrance to suit your style and taste and make the space completely your own. Double doors make for a great dramatic opening while a sliding barn door offers a modern rustic look, let your team know the style you’re hoping to achieve, and they’ll help you make it perfect.

4. Power

Don’t forget to add power sources into your planning. Often overlooked in initial planning power outlets can make all the difference in your closet’s functionality. An outlet near your vanity for curling irons, places to charge your devices, or a place to plug in the chic lamp you got are all important in your closets design.

5. Center Aisle

The center space of your closet is just as important as the storage on the outer walls. You can do so many things with this open aisle of space. A growing trend is to add a center island with added drawers of storage. You could make it into a lounge space with a comfy sofa, or leave it open for a personal runway, the options are endless!

Your clothes and accessories show off your personal style and personality, your closet should too! Let our team at Engelsma Homes design and build you the perfect custom walk-in closet. Our team at Natural Elements Custom Cabinetry has over 20 years of experience building custom cabinets and can make you the one of kind closet of your dreams. Check out our past projects on our website here and get excited to build your dream closet with Engelsma Homes!

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