Carpet vs. Hardwood: Which is Best for your Home?

When putting the finishing touches and designs on your custom home choosing the flooring can be a hard decision. There are so many styles, colors, and designs to choose from but choosing the flooring that not only fits your homes style but also is functional is important. This is where the carpet or hardwood debate often happens. Let’s take a look further into the two to decide what’s best for you.

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Getting the right look and feel for your home is important when your designing a custom home. When you’re spending so much time and effort on a project getting the atmosphere you want in the end is key, flooring can make all the difference in a room’s feel. Rooms with wood trim and accents previously installed or planned can benefit from wood flooring. While bedrooms and living areas can benefit from the comfort of carpet. Hardwood can bring a sense of elegance and class to a room. Carpet offers a variety of texture and colors to choose from.


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There is no denying there is a noticeable cost difference between the two. Carpet is often considered the cheaper choice for flooring a home. On average carpet is 1/3rd to 1/4th the cost of installing luxury hardwood floors. However, should you ever wish to sell your home having hardwood floors in the right rooms can add significant value to your home.


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You can have gorgeous flooring when you move into your new home, but if the upkeep is not practical for your lifestyle then the investment isn’t worth it. Be sure to consider your lifestyle and what will fit into it best. Carpet can be easier to clean and maintain than hardwood flooring. When spills or messes occur stain removers can be used on carpet and you don’t have to worry about scratching or scuffing carpets. Hardwood floors need to be cleaned immediately to avoid stains or damage. They are also prone to scratching and scuffing and can be damaged if not taken care of. Be sure you are choosing not only the flooring that looks best but one you can manage with your current lifestyle.

Both hardwood flooring and carpeting have amazing benefits. Carpet can be cost effective and comfortable. Hardwood can add a sense of elegance to your homes atmosphere and increase your homes value. Which ever you choose be sure it fits your lifestyle, design, and is functional. At Engelsma Homes our experts can help you with each step of the home build, including choosing a floor that best suits you. Check out our gallery or Pinterest for previous projects and flooring inspiration.  

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