Tips for Organizing your Pantry

Organizing your kitchen pantry can seem like a never-ending task. For some of us an organized pantry is something we only dream about, for others we’ve tried so hard to keep it neat, but life keeps happening. While pantry organization can be difficult, we’ve come up with some simple tips to help you through.

Plan your Space

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Plan your space out ahead of time before organizing. Before you start to buy containers and move things around consider what items you’ll be storing in your pantry. Will you be storing large products like pet food or big canisters of cereal or flour? Knowing what you need space for can help you plan the lay out and number/size of containers you need. Remember you can also store appliances in your pantry too.

Food Storage System

Having a system for where things go and how they are used can make a huge difference. Food can be stored by likeness (i.e. Breakfast foods, spices, baking ingredients) whatever system works best for you but once you decide it’s important to stick to that system. Be sure it’s a system that works for you and that is easy to use. Consider sorting by items you use the most and will need easily accessible. Also consider your storage containers. Having chic containers to decant your items into can seem like a style choice but can also keep your items fresh longer and keep bugs out of items like pasta and flour. Make sure they are functional too and accommodate for things like pouring, scooping, and stacking.


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Labeling your storage containers can be helpful for many reasons but are you labeling them correctly? Many simply label theirs containers with the contents of the container but you should be labeling them with expiration date of the item. One of the easiest labeling techniques we suggest is washi tape and a marker for stylish yet removable labeling. Check out this article for ideas on storage labeling.


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Like mentioned above be sure to consider putting your most used items in easily accessible places. If you’re a parent, make sure to consider you children in your layout. Storing healthy snacks on a lower shelf for your kids to reach can make your life easier, you can simply tell them to check the pantry instead of needing to help them reach one. Having frequently used items in the same, readily available spot can make your day run smoother and help you remember when your running low items. 

 Kitchen pantry’s can be a tough to tackle but with the right plan and mindset they can make your life run smooth and efficiently. Engelsma Homes can help you design the perfect custom pantry for your home, to fit all your needs and store all your appliances. Check out our gallery and Pinterest to see our previous pantry builds and contact us today to get started on your dream pantry!

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