Home Improvements that Add the Most Value

Renovating or improving your home can be huge investment of both time and money. Ensuring your project will have a good return on investment should you ever decide to sell your home is important. We’ve put together a list of the best renos/improvements to make to add value to your home.

Siding and Exterior

Exterior Remodel

Updating your homes exterior can make a huge difference in not just your home appearance, but it’s value too. Replacing outdated siding with new vinyl siding can be a lower cost but effective option. Replacing vinyl with manufactured stone veneer is a growing trend that is seeing great benefits with up to 90% return on investment! Manufactured stone veneer is not real stone but is a man-made composite that looks like stone and is installed in the same way. Homeowners who have even replace just their entryway with this material have seen huge benefits. Having an appealing exterior catches a buyer’s eye from the start and automatically increases your value.

Wood Deck or Patio

wood deck

Adding a wood deck or patio to your backyard not only gives you a nice place to relax and unwind but can intrigue buyers with the same idea. Wood made decks see a better return than composite materials and if well maintained can be a gorgeous asset to your home.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen on a reasonable scale can be a great investment. It is one of the first places buyers look when entering a potential home and often one of the deciding factors in buying a home. Most buyers want an upgraded kitchen but don’t want to overpay for anything over the top. Making simple upgrades and sticking within a reasonable budget is best for this project if you plan to sell. Good improvements include modernizing counters and cabinets, updating flooring, upgrading appliances, and updating the sink.


Updating or adding a bathroom can be a major investment but sees some of the best return. Making your bathroom accessible to everyone with wider doors and an open plan can make your homes value and appeal increase. Updating tile, fixtures, counters, and lighting can make a huge difference in your bathroom and homes overall appearance, increasing value and leaving a lasting impression of buyers. The space should be clean, open, and comfortable.

The Little Things

custom home entrance

Even small projects can have a big impact on your home’s overall appearance and value. Updating features like your garage door and front door to something more stylish can be a game changer. Having a grand entrance feel is something many buyers look for. Cleaning up your yard and doing some simple landscaping is another great way to improve your home. Replace any outdated or worn flooring and touch up paint. There are lots of little things to improve your home’s value.

Renovations and home improvements can seem like big tasks but with the assurance your making a good investment they can seem less daunting. Engelsma Homes is here to help with all your renovation needs and can guide you through the process. Check out our gallery to see our previous projects and contact us today for more info!

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