Creating Zones in Your Home with Flooring

open concept living room with stairs leading to second floor. designed with a white couch and grey rug to section off living space

Open concept floor plans are gorgeous and family friendly. The easy flow from one room to the next can make every day life and hosting a breeze. It can bring families closer together and make cleaning easier. From a design stand point it can be hard to make a clear designation between each space. Flooring can be a great way to designate different spaces within your home. Creating zones with flooring is creative and unique way to designate the different rooms in your home and still keep an open floor plan. We’ve created some tips for creating zones in your home.

Plan Your Zones

Planning out your zones is extremely important. You will want to plan what areas you want zoned out and where you would like them to begin and end. The place where zones meet is extremely important. It needs to make sense with the flow of your floor plan. Planning out the location of your zones will help you choose flooring types, colors, and more as you continue the process.

Choose Your Flooring

Engelsma Homes flooring

Choosing the type and color of the flooring in each zone is what will help separate them from one another. You may choose to do tile in the kitchen and transition to hardwood in the living space. Switching to carpeting in living spaces is also a common trend. No matter what styles of flooring your choose it is important to be sure the colors and textures go together. Be sure not to choose to many harsh transitions that will distract from the other decor or openness of the house. Consider high traffic areas and the amount of cleaning you will need to do in each area. This will help you choose the type of flooring that best fits your lifestyle.

Choose Rugs for Zones

If your home already has the same flooring throughout but you would still like to create zones, you can do so with rugs. Area rugs are a great and easy way to create small zones within your home. If you have the same flooring throughout your home, you can use large area rugs to create your zones. Even if you have already created zones, you can use small rugs to create miniature zones. Rugs are an inexpensive and great way to create zones within your home. 

Using flooring to create zones in your home is a great way to keep an open flooring plan and still break up your space. Let Engelsma Homes help create a space that is uniquely you with flooring that is uniquely you! Check out our previous builds in our gallery for inspiration or contact us today!  

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