Why Build a New Home?

Engelsma Homes brand new custom built home

Building a brand-new home can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are relocating, down-sizing, or upgrading buying a house on the market can seem like the easier choice. Why build a new home when there are so many already out there? A new custom home can present an abundance of advantages to its owners.

Designed for You

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of a new home is the homes design itself. A new build can be custom designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. It may be hard to find an existing home in the right location with the right number of rooms and perfect feel. A custom home can be built practically anywhere and designed to fit your family. You can choose to add an office, game room, pantry, pool, or any other feature you desire. You may need to renovate or add on to an existing home to get these luxuries or you may have to sacrifice these things! When building a new home, you get to decide what goes into it and design it for your needs.

New Home, Healthy Home

One of the most overlooked benefits of a new home is the health benefits it brings. New constructions can be built to accommodate a variety of health needs. From handicap accessibility to better ventilation and air filtration, new builds can make your life smoother and healthier. They are built with the latest materials and techniques eliminating the worry for mold or chemicals that may come with older constructions. New materials will make your home more energy efficient and give you the option to choose green materials. This will make your home healthy for you and the environment!

Technology Improvements

As we mentioned above, newly built homes are often more efficient. New homes give you the chance to choose all new appliances and fixtures. These appliances are often more energy efficient and work better than older models. Not only will this save you money and energy but make your life simpler as well! You can customize your home with features to make your day-to-day run smoother. This means everything in your home will be new and chosen specifically for you and your needs. An old construction will often come with appliances chosen by the previous owners to fit their lifestyle.


A new home can guarantee you a lot of things. New homes often come with a warranty from the building company. This means that for their given amount of time they will guarantee their work and fix anything that goes wrong. Building a new home also means a peace of mind when it comes to safety codes. New constructions will have to meet any current safety codes and will include a variety of safety features. You can even ask to include more. Meanwhile, older constructions may not include these features depending on when they built. You can sleep easy knowing your family is safe. Custom homes also tend to see a higher value in their first few years. There are not many custom homes in most markets. This means in their first five years the value of most custom homes rises, making them a good investment!

Engelsma Homes knows choosing a new home for you and your family is always a tough decision. We hope you consider a custom-built home for your next home. Our team of experienced builders and designers will be there to walk you through every step up of the way. Our goal is to make sure you get all the advantages a new home can provide! For more information on our custom homes visit our website or check out our gallery of previous builds!

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