What Size Should Your Garage be?

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Building your dream house has a lot of decisions and steps. One of the most important is the size of your garage. It can be easily overlooked with all the decisions to make inside the home but will make all the difference in your day-to-day life. Having the perfect size garage can streamline your life and add to the curb appeal of your home. The question is what size should your garage be?

What Size Should Your Garage Be?

What is in Your Garage?

The first step to deciding the size of your garage is to look inside. Start by determining the amount of space you need to hold everything you plan to keep inside. How many cars do you plan to keep inside? Cars are often a lot bigger than you think. Trucks are often 17 feet or more in length. You will need to plan for enough space for all of your vehicles to fit comfortably. Consider other things you plan to keep in your garage. Do you have other equipment you plan to keep in your garage? Things like lawnmowers, snowblowers, snowmobiles, and ATV all take up extra space. 

On top of vehicles and motorized things in your garage, you will also need to plan space for the objects you plan to keep. Will you be keeping your trash and recycling cans in the garage? Will this be home to a workshop or storage area? Everything that takes up space should be considered. 

How Will Your Garage Look?

After you have decided what will go into your garage it is time to decide what it will look like inside and out. The layout of your garage can make for easier use and better aesthetics. A design team can help you determine where the placement of your garage and items inside should be to make for the most efficient use of space. You can choose options like a small side garage door for your lawn mower and ATV. Custom garage cabinets or shelving for those who prefer a handy man’s garage. There are a lot of custom options for garages that a design team can help walk you through.

What are Your Garage Necessities?

Don’t forget about the small necessities when planning out your garage. Will you need room for generator storage? What about family bike storage? Remember to plan these little things into your garage size and design. Plan for extra outlets and outlet size if you plan to plug in things like campers or large equipment. These are things your builder can help you figure out and decide on. Come up with a list of necessities you must have in your garage. Be up front with your design team and builders about what things you must have. Whether it’s extra space, a car lift, or organization these things can help your team decide the layout and size of your garage.

Engelsma Homes has a team of experienced designers and builders here to help you design the perfect size garage. Our team can help you with everything from the perfect home to your dream garage. To learn more about our team and builders check out our build gallery, view our available properties, or contact us today!

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