Building a House vs. Buying a Home

When it comes time to purchase your next home it can be hard to decide what is the best move for you. Should you build that custom dream home you’ve been dreaming of? Or move to that cute home in the subdivision you’ve always loved? Choosing between building a house and buying a home can be hard. We are here to help walk you through some pros and cons of each.

Buying a Home

There are many advantages to buying an existing home. For starters, most of the work is done. There is no waiting for build times or searching for land. You don’t have to worry if your desired neighborhood has a vacant lot to build on, or fight for building permits. Existing homes take that part of the hassle away. All you have to do is shop the market for the home that fits your needs and style. They offer access to existing neighborhoods and take care of a lot of the guesswork. 

On the other side buying a pre-existing home takes away the customization of building. They may require a great deal of updating or come with issues unlike a new home. Older homes mean older materials that need replacing. Buying also means compromising on features. Unless you build a custom home, its doubtful you’ll find one with every feature you desire. This means either going without or spending more money remodeling and updating. While buying a home can make the process faster, it can mean compromising on other options. 

Building a House

Building a house has a lot of advantages. When you build a house, you get to choose what goes into it every step of the way. What products you’re using in the construction, what the overall design looks like, what extra features you want, and much more. A custom home company like Engelsma Homes will walk you through every step and help you build the custom home of your dreams. Not only will everything in the house be new, but it is what you choose, and you will have the freedom to choose it. From where you build to what kind of wood you use for your cabinets. New homes are a great way to ensure your home is energy efficient too. You can choose to build your home with the latest and greatest in green supplies and appliances! Making your home healthier for you and the environment!

Custom homes do have a few downfalls. They can be harder to build in existing neighborhoods. Suburbs that are established and flourishing do not often have open lots. At Engelsma we know how important a friendly, safe community is. So we’ve gone through the trouble of finding some and have a few existing lots available! Custom homes are often more expensive too. According to it’s on average $66,415 more to build an average sized home, not including land or extra customizations. That is a large chunk of change. But considering all that comes with a custom home and the investment it is for your future, the difference doesn’t seem quite as big. 

Building with Engelsma Homes

Choosing between building a house or buying a home can be difficult. That’s why Engelsma Home is here to make the building side of things that much easier for you. Our team of experts is here to guide you through every step from design to finished home. We want you to have the home you’ve always dreamed of and can’t wait to help you build it!

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