Master Bath Trends of 2021

Your master bathroom is the relaxation center of your home. It’s important to keep it comfortable and make it a place you truly enjoy. Keeping your master bathroom up to date can help it feel like a true getaway. This year’s master bath trends are right on point, keeping you relaxed and transporting you to spa-like serenity. 

Master Bath Trends of 2021


Clean and sophisticated designs have been in for a while now. Marble has been making its way to the top and is dominating this year. It’s a clean durable surface great for bathrooms. You can use it for flooring, countertops, and wall tile alike, creating a seamless clean feeling. Marble also makes for beautiful accent features and feels luxurious in any setting. It comes in a variety of colors and it’s unique veining makes no two pieces the same. It’s a great way to add luxury and sophistication to any bathroom.

Back Lit Mirrors

Eastwood Modern

Previously seen in the homes of celebrities and make-up artists, these mirrors are becoming more common. They offer no glare or shadows when looking into the mirror and provide amazing light for getting ready. Customizations can be made for mirrors that dim and brighten or even change color. It’s a great way to make your morning routine easier and get that spa feel at home. 

Soaking Tub

Speaking of that at home spa feel, nothing is better than a soaking tub in your own bathroom. Soaking tubs are a must have for any master bath this year! Free standing designs offer space saving options. They give you all the comfort and relaxation of a spa, with all the ease of at home living. Just imagine soaking in a nice hot bubble bath after a long day in a full sized tub in complete serenity. 

Heated Flooring

Now imagine stepping out of your relaxing bath onto a warm floor instead of cold tile. Heated floors are becoming a must have master bath trend. Why step onto cold tile in the morning or after your shower if you don’t have to? With a custom master bath you can have heated floors even in the harsh Michigan winters. 

Faux Wood Tile

Wood floors are beautiful but they just are not practical in the bathroom. The water and moisture can be damaging if they aren’t properly taken care of. Enter tile that has been crafted to look like wood. This is one of our favorite trends! Wood-like tile can be made in nearly any size, shape, and color giving you even more options than wood. You’ll get the durability of tile with all the best looks of wood. 

Spa Away From Spa

We are bringing the spa home to you with this year’s top trends. You no longer need to go to the nearest spa to find luxury design and amenities. Soaking tubs, clean lines, and light colors with hints of bold are in this year. Features that create a spa-like feeling and ultimate relaxation are in. Think multiple shower heads, soaking tubs, calming features, big tiles, and custom sinks. Your master bath is your place to unwind and relax. 2021 is all about creating a place you can escape and do just that. Engelsma Homes can’t wait to help you design your ultimate master bath oasis. For more master bath inspiration check out our Pinterest.

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