Functional Laundry Room Design

The laundry room is usually the last place on anyone’s interior design list. It’s a necessary place but not the most fun to consider compared to the rest of your new home. With a little effort and planning though your laundry room can look just as beautiful as the rest of your home, and more functional than ever. Engelsma Home is here to help with all your laundry room design needs!

Laundry Room Design Tips

Hard Working Floors

It’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up. The laundry room sees a lot of the dirt and grime in your household, not to mention a lot of traffic. The flooring you choose for your laundry room will need to be durable and able to withstand the elements. We recommended concrete style floors or hard tiles. Flooring that is waterproof and doesn’t scuff or wear easily. Choose something durable but fits your personal style.

Custom Cabinets and Storage Space

Custom cabinetry and storage space is the best way to keep your laundry room functional and organized. Planning where to keep your washing machine and dryer can help our team plan where to put things including laundry basket storage, space for hanging, and cabinet storage. With proper planning and design one can make a space that is not only elegant but functional and flowing. Our team at Natural Elements Custom Cabinetry has over 35 years of experience making custom designs come to life. 

Make it Bright

Laundry rooms are a work space, and as such need to be bright enough to work in. Fluorescent lighting is wonderful and bright but can often be hard on the eyes and look harsh. A mix of overhead lighting and recessed or under cabinet lights is recommended. This offers lighting above and lighting low for working in. Keeping your space well lit is not only functional but also makes the room look clean and luxurious. 

Room for Essentials and Decorating

We’ve all seen the pictures of gorgeous laundry rooms online and wish we could decorate ours to look just as beautiful. There is no reason you can’t have all the fabulous decorations you see in magazines and on Pinterest. Our goal is to give you all the flawless design touches while still making room for all of your laundry essentials. Your storage solutions will help with this a lot but incorporating storage into your decorating plan can help make your space functional and beautiful. Using decorating features that serve a purpose can make a huge difference. Glass jars for storing laundry supplies, matching hangers, and more can turn your room into a well organized, aesthetically pleasing space. 

Make it Pop

There is nothing worse than a laundry room that’s had nothing done to it’s walls. The design and style of your walls can set the tone of the entire room. Clean white paint or tile can make the room feel bright and clean, like the clothes coming out of it. Accents of colored wallpaper or tile can add a pop of color and make a boring space more inviting to work in. Wall color and texture is a chance to make the space truly unique and your own. Again we suggest tile that is easy to clean or paint that is designed to withstand moisture. 
Laundry room design can be just as fun as your other rooms! With our design team here at Engelsma Homes you can design the laundry room of your dreams and make laundry a breeze. For more home design inspiration check out our Pinterest and visit our gallery!

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