Choosing Exterior Colors for Your Home

Choosing the exterior colors and materials for your home is one of the biggest decisions in the home building process. There are thousands of material and color combinations to choose from. Finding a combination that matches your home’s needs and your personal style can be overwhelming. This will be what you and the world see when they first look at your home. Well we can’t tell you exactly what to choose, Engelsma Homes has put together a few simple steps to help make the process of choosing your home’s exterior colors easier!

Steps to Choosing the Exterior Colors for Your Home:

Step One: Materials

The first thing to look at is the materials you plan to use on your home’s exterior. This can greatly limit your options for colors or give you a guide for what colors look best. If you plan to have a brick or stone exterior this will limit you to the colors available in those materials. Houses featuring stone and siding may wish to stick to a natural or gray based tone to bring out the look of the stone. Knowing the materials you plan to use on your home’s exterior can help guide you towards the right color pallet and options. 

It is also smart to consider your roofing options and colors. If you have already chosen your roof’s material and color this can help you determine the rest of the home’s exterior, as you will want them to coordinate. Depending on the material you use for your roof it may not be available in all colors either and may make a difference in your color pallet choice too. Remember when choosing roofing and siding materials to take your location and whether into consideration. 

Step Two: Get Ideas

The next best step is to gather ideas and inspiration. Once you know what material and style you want for your home it’s time to decide on the exact color pallet. Take a drive around your neighborhood town and notice what houses with your materials you really like. Check out Pinterest, Houzz, or similar sites and make a board. Save pictures of houses you love and see if there is a pattern in color. The goal is to gather an array of options and find one something that truly fits you! 

Step Three: Talk to a Designer & Choose Your Color

Once you’ve chosen your materials and found some ideas you really love it can be helpful to talk to your custom home designer. We have an excellent staff at Engelsma Homes that can help you along every step of the design process. They will be able to help you make smart color choices that will fit your style and still look eye-catching. As a professional they can guide you through the process and help you with small details and ideas. Once you have talked to your team and have an idea in place it’s time to make it official and choose your home’s exterior color! Most homes will have a color pallet, full of the main color, trim colors, roof color, and more. 

From color choices to building choices the professionals at Engelsma Homes is here to help with every aspect of the custom home building process! Checkout some of our recent home exteriors in our gallery or view our Pinterest

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