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Engelsma Homes is the expert in residential custom home building that you can trust the most. In business for over 20 years, our company has provided custom homeowners in West Michigan with the best quality home building services money can buy. Our custom home building experts can help you build that dream home, no matter what elevation you prefer, from classical to modern, and every style in-between.

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Our Home Building Process

First, we want to talk with you and get a full understanding of what you want your custom home to include. We will take every request into consideration and provide you with a description of the process we will use to create your vision.

Next, we will be working together to hash out the design room by room to fully suit your style. Throughout the process, we engineer the project with your budget expectations in mind. We will specify the materials and methods most effective for your specific construction.

We work very hard to make sure you are comfortable and informed during the entire process. It is our goal to make your custom home building or remodeling as painless and streamlined as possible.

This process ends with us creating the home best suited to your exact specifications, for proof here are some examples of our proudest work! If you would like to get your custom home building or remodeling process underway, connect with our team today!

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Interior Design Assistance

The home building process can be a long and overwhelming one. From start to finish there are thousands of decisions to make. Where to build? What style of home? What appliances to incorporate? What should each room look like? The design process can be the most overwhelming because there are so many details that go into making home perfect for each individual. You might want a modern minimalistic look, while your partner prefers a rustic feel. Finding a balance and choosing every last comfort can be stressful. How will you find the right mix of pieces that look good together and meet all of your needs? When presented with so many options it is common for homeowners to feel overwhelmed by their interior design choices. That is where choosing the right custom home company can make all the difference!

Our team takes a very involved approach to create the right home to suit your imagination. Our past customers have raved about our attention to detail and our hands-on approach in the design process.

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Custom Cabinets & Closets

Growing from a small garage shop into a 9,000 sq/ft state-of-the-art facility, we have perfected the art of cabinet making by combining the best traditional craft methods with the latest in technological advances. We strive to create beautiful, quality cabinetry for each and every client and have completed countless projects for new construction and remodel projects. We are grateful for continued growth stemming from the support of those who believed in us from the beginning, our dedicated and highly talented staff, and from the confidence of clients and builders, we continue to serve every day. To check out our custom cabinetry work, go here.


Decks/sunrooms/outdoor living spaces

Engelsma Homes offers personalized sunrooms, patio decks, patio enclosures, and solariums. There’s no question that a patio is a valuable asset to a custom home, providing an open, well-lit, and spacious area for homeowners and their families to relax in and enjoy. At Engelsma, we strive to create these spaces usable, comfortable, and enjoyable to help increase your quality of life with a custom-built, exquisitely designed, and professionally installed patio or deck.

Valley Site Farms

We Can Help You Find The Perfect Property

Where you build your home is as essential as how you build your home. There are a lot of variables to consider when you are looking for a piece of land to use for building your dream home. Some of the most important elements to consider when looking for a piece of property are, location, zoning, sounds, environment, utility services, etc.

Finding the perfect lot for your new custom home is crucial. View some of the incredible lots we have available, below, or request a custom list of lots.

We have spec homes designed and available for purchase today! Check out our available homes.

If you have a lot or know of one that you wish to build on, contact us today!


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Custom Features

The best part of building and designing your custom home is making every feature uniquely your own! From layout to paint each tiny detail has your unique style all over it. You also get the option of adding in some really fun and completely customizable details. From libraries to home theaters the list of possibilities is endless. We've put together a list of our favorite custom home details to help give you some inspiration along your home-building journey!

Custom Fireplace, Custom Home Theater, Custom Cabinets, Bar and Wine Cellar, Custom Shower

There are so many unique details that can make a custom home unique.  For more design ideas and inspiration check out our Pinterest or our gallery!

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