Choosing Exterior Colors for Your Home

Choosing the exterior colors and materials for your home is one of the biggest decisions in the home building process. There are thousands of material and color combinations to choose from. Finding a combination that matches your home’s needs and your personal style can be overwhelming. This will be what you and the world see…

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5 Custom Home Details to Inspire You

The best part of building and designing your custom home is making every feature uniquely your own! From layout to paint each tiny detail has your unique style all over it. You also get the option of adding in some really fun and completely customizable details. From libraries to home theaters the list of possibilities…

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Functional Laundry Room Design

The laundry room is usually the last place on anyone’s interior design list. It’s a necessary place but not the most fun to consider compared to the rest of your new home. With a little effort and planning though your laundry room can look just as beautiful as the rest of your home, and more…

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Master Bath Trends of 2021

Your master bathroom is the relaxation center of your home. It’s important to keep it comfortable and make it a place you truly enjoy. Keeping your master bathroom up to date can help it feel like a true getaway. This year’s master bath trends are right on point, keeping you relaxed and transporting you to…

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What Size Should Your Garage be?

Building your dream house has a lot of decisions and steps. One of the most important is the size of your garage. It can be easily overlooked with all the decisions to make inside the home but will make all the difference in your day-to-day life. Having the perfect size garage can streamline your life…

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Overwhelmed by Interior Design Choices?

The home building process can be a long and overwhelming one. From start to finish there are thousands of decisions to make. Where to build? What style of home? What appliances to incorporate? What should each room look like? The design process can be the most overwhelming because there are so many details that go…

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Why Build a New Home?

Engelsma Homes brand new custom built home

Building a brand-new home can seem like a daunting task. Whether you are relocating, down-sizing, or upgrading buying a house on the market can seem like the easier choice. Why build a new home when there are so many already out there? A new custom home can present an abundance of advantages to its owners.…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Wallpaper

beautiful designed room with oversized window and wallpapered wall

One of our favorite, most Instagram worthy trends of the year is wallpaper. From gorgeous hand painted paper to bold colors and patterns wallpaper is taking the design world by storm. We’re not talking about the wallpaper boarders of the past but beautiful modern prints and new age designs. Wallpaper can really add another level…

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Creating Zones in Your Home with Flooring

open concept living room with stairs leading to second floor. designed with a white couch and grey rug to section off living space

Open concept floor plans are gorgeous and family friendly. The easy flow from one room to the next can make every day life and hosting a breeze. It can bring families closer together and make cleaning easier. From a design stand point it can be hard to make a clear designation between each space. Flooring…

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Grand Rapids Area Winter Activities

girl in snow attire blowing snow out of her out stretched hands

The winter chill is settling in on our slice of Michigan’s paradise. Along with it come months of hiding from the cold or frost-bitten noses. The winter months are beautiful, but the cold can make staying home even harder. As at home activities begin to run low and the cold sets in, we all begin…

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