Why Families Love Living in Grand Rapids

View of the Grand Rapids Michigan skyline

It’s no secret the Grand Rapids area has been growing in popularity for some time now. Families have been moving to Grand Rapids and the surrounding towns in search of a better place to raise their families. That is exactly what they have found here! An inviting diverse community full of opportunity and exciting adventure. …

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Grand Rapids Area Winter Activities

girl in snow attire blowing snow out of her out stretched hands

The winter chill is settling in on our slice of Michigan’s paradise. Along with it come months of hiding from the cold or frost-bitten noses. The winter months are beautiful, but the cold can make staying home even harder. As at home activities begin to run low and the cold sets in, we all begin…

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Top Home Design Trends for 2021

2021 is about to bring a fresh start, one that is much needed after 2020. The new year is looking bold and bright, and so are the new trends it’s bringing along with it. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be spending a lot of time at home in 2021 too. Thankfully, this year’s home…

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The Best 2020 Fall Activities in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Fall

Most of us have been stuck at home this year but now that restrictions have been eased a little, we are ready to do some adventuring the safe way. Fall in Michigan is the perfect place to get outdoors and take in the sights of our beautiful state and city! Below is a list of…

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