Grand Rapids Resources

We would like to offer the following links as a convenience to our visitors.  We have developed many business relationships in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area and we’d like to introduce you to some of them.  There are also several other business websites that we simply network with.  We make no claims on behalf of these businesses, but simply invite you to explore their websites.
  • Flooring Business
  • Plumber
  • Landscape Design & Construction
  • Fence Contractor
  • Heating & Cooling Contractor
  • Concrete Business
  • Windows and Siding Company
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Photography Business
  • SEO Firm
  • Pool Company
  • Kitchen & Bath Company
  • Painting Company
  • Rental Property Manager
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Interior Design Business
  • House Cleaning Service
  • Roofing Contractor
  • Snow Removal Service
  • Tree Service & Stump Removal

If you’re a contractor, provider or even a customer of ours and wish to be part of our resource list, please contact us with your interest.

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