The Engelsma team is the best in class when it comes to their people, quality, and the experience of building a new home. We used Houzz to help provide the vision of what we were looking for in our new home and they made it come to life. Our rustic modern mountain retreat is something quite amazing.

Building a custom home can be a daunting task, but their design team made everything seem effortless. From the floorplans to fixtures and the smallest details, the craftsmanship is amazing. Their woodworking team built all the custom alder cabinets and their carpenters created a work of art. I had the opportunity to visit the project every day and interact with all the folks on their team and all the subcontractors. Every one that worked for or with Engelsma were wonderful to get to know.

God has truly blessed us with allowing us to work with their entire team. Again, words can’t express how thankful we are to work with such wonderful people. — Jason

We heard about Engelsma Homes from the Parade of Homes, as well as friends of ours used Engelsma to build their home. The building process went very smooth!!  It was an easy transition from working the sales side of things, to the project management with Casey.  Casey was on top of everything, and very helpful throughout the whole process!  It was also nice that I didn’t have to reach out to anyone.  When it was time to pick things out or have meetings, Casey, Corinne and/or Allison set those up in advance, and I felt like we were always on top of things, but I didn’t have to do any of the leg work.  They were taking care of everything! It was so easy and not stressful with Engelsma – just the way it should be when building a home.  We had fun doing it! — Amy

We first heard about Engelsma Homes through friends who also built with Engelsma. Their homes really stood out from any other builder because of sale’s follow up, attention to detail through the RFQ process and also their hard work in the finished product. Also just as importantly, our friends who built with Engelsma have similar values to us and they had nothing but great things to say about their experience. If I was going to build a house again I would go with Engelsma Homes without a doubt. They have a competitively priced product with above average customer service and the integrity needed to give Homebuyers piece of mind after the deal is completed. — Bill

We heard of Engelsma through a sign on the property that we ultimately built our home on in East Grand Rapids. There are a number of outstanding best features in Engelsma homes, but a few that swayed our decision included the standard high quality construction features, that did not cost extra money each time we made a selection. The “standard” choices were fantastic high quality options.  For us that included the cabinetry, wood trim, countertops. Our experience and process could not have gone more smoothly, beginning with the initial sales welcoming introductory descriptions, the design process, to the project manager answering questions clearly and responsively, to Corinne walking us through the many selections. It was all handled professionally, clearly, and best of all with no bad surprises.  My husband and I are NOT excellent decision makers. We can get stalled easily, and we moved through the process with zero conflicts, and never stalled. The options were great, and we led our decision making with what we loved, and it was all in the budget put forth originally. We LOVE our home.  I regularly say that this is one of the best decisions we ever made. New solid quality construction in a neighborhood and community that is fantastic. Others on our street who had different builders have had way more trouble. The customer service and warranty are unmatched.  Engelsma Homes has returned to help us with drainage issues, and could not have been more helpful in re-grading a small area to maximize the original drainage plan. They also re-designed our final kitchen island at their expense when I was unhappy with the size. I offered to pay because it was me changing my mind, and they picked up the cost for the new countertop to insure we were happy.  I would pick Engelsma again if we ever build another home.  I have recommended them to friends considering the option, and regularly tell our success story when given the chance. — Patty

We heard of Engelsma Homes through the Parade of Homes and word of mouth. What made Engelsma Homes stand out and us want to use them to build our custom home was the attention to detail.  From the very beginning to the very end there was almost nothing that was not planned for ahead of time, and tackled during the build process. We love the trim work, and custom cabinetry, but the timber frame that shows up on so many of the Engelsma Homes seems to be one of their stamps they put on their work. From the beginning I don’t think there was even one day that there was not someone doing work on our home.  They told us what day we would move in from the start and we may have even gotten in a few days ahead of schedule.

The home is now almost 4 years old, and it still looks as good as new (except for a few nicks/dings that my kids did!)  The Engelsma Homes team all the way down to the subcontractors that were used made the whole building process very enjoyable.  I would hire each and every one of them again if given the opportunity.  I suspect that if I called today (4 years later) with an issue someone from the Engelsma team would return my call to help out and probably even make a trip to our home.

We love our house! We got what we wanted, we paid a fair price, the quality is exceptional, and the people were fantastic.  I am not sure that we have helped generate any business for Engelsma, but anyone that has been interested we have sent them to Engelsma.  At one point we even hosted a few visits for prospective clients in our home.  We would still be happy to do this today because we believe in the product and the people that back it. — Chris


We actually bought our home as a spec home…so don’t have too much info about the building process. Overall, we love our Engelsma home and would definitely consider building another one. We looked at numerous homes in the same price range and there were no comparisons to the quality of the Engelsma homes. We have recommended Engelsma and actually have friends that built with them! Thanks! — Brook and Clare 


Building with the Engelsma Home Team was a great experience. Starting with the design phase, our dreams and ideas were incorporated into the perfect plan by the Engelsma architect. Having the architect on the team is a great idea.

The building process went much more smoothly that I had expected.  We were always notified promptly of any changes or unexpected items, with attention to keeping our building budget on track. I especially appreciated the help of Corinne, when it came to making the multitude of decisions regarding color schemes, light fixtures, cabinetry, and so much more. She helped me to coordinate it all, and made me feel confident in my selections.

The whole team was always very responsive if we had any questions or concerns during the building process. The finished product was a high-quality, beautiful home that I love. Everyone who tours our home remarks about the outstanding quality and attention to detail. I would definitely choose Engelsma Homes again, and I would highly recommend them to others who are considering building a fabulous new home. — Colleen

After interviewing 3 builders in the Grand Rapids area known for constructing quality homes, we ultimately selected Engelsma Homes to build our dream home. We toured various in-process and completed Engelsma projects before contracting with them. The responsiveness and no sales pressure during this phase were very much appreciated. While this contributed to our selection of Engelsma Homes, the tipping point was Engelsma’s proposal and project plan process. We believe it is their planning process and attention to detail on the front-end that allows them to provide an 8 month completed construction guarantee, which in our case we moved in 7 months to the day of breaking ground. Each and every Engelsma staff and subcontractor we had direct interaction with were great to work with from before contracting with them and throughout the construction process and after moving in. Every construction project is bound to have challenges, regardless of the amount of up-front planning. One of the things that impressed us the most about Engelsma and a big reason we would select Engelsma Homes again if we had to do it all over is the professionalism, fairness and integrity Engelsma brought forth in resolving the couple challenges that came up. We are extremely happy with the quality of our home and enjoyed the people we had the opportunity to work with. We have and would recommend Engelsma Homes to anyone looking to build their new home. — Curtis and Colleen

We first experienced Engelsma Homes in 2009 during the spring Parade of Homes. At this point we were just like most of the people going to the parade home, looking at what was new and looking for new decorating ideas and trends. We were very impressed with the floor plans, attention to detail, quality of finishes and clean lines. In 2010 we again toured many of the spring parade homes and once again were impressed with Engelsma Homes.

In June or July of 2010 we had our first meeting with Engelsma. We had literally drawn in pencil what we envisioned and the architect make some preliminary drawings.  We did meet with 2 other quality builders, but did not make the personal connection we did with Engelsma. We were absolutely amazed at the drawing and how “our home” was beginning to take shape. After we had some solid prices and sold our old home we selected Engelsma Homes.   We were introduced to several of the team members and given a tour of the “cabinet shop.”  One of the services we liked was Engelsma Homes has their own in house design consultant, we just did not know at the time how much we would like it. We both walked away knowing we picked the right builder, Engelsma Homes puts the “customer” in customer service. They also assisted us with the purchase of our home site.

We broke ground in December 2010 and felt like we were part of the team.   During the building process we stopped in almost every day. Generally we stopped by after most of the trades had left for the day as we did not want to be in the way, but never felt like we were. Engelsma Homes cleaned up the building debris every night prior to leaving. We recently walked thru a home being built a few doors away from us and the site was abysmal: partially eaten food and building debris littered the job site, both inside and out. We both remarked this would never happen at any Engelsma Homes site.

We never understood how much work it is to pick lighting and plumbing fixtures, let alone flooring options and wall colors. Corinne Peacy was the design consultant and we can not say enough good about her. Corinne was so easy to work with and had our interests at heart. When we finished we felt we had a new friend in Corinne. From the first meeting to the final walk thru, the process was seamless. We always felt included in every decision, no matter how minor.   When we had last minute changes to the plans, it was never an issue to Engelsma Homes.

We could not be happier with our home. It will be 3 years this June and we still remark how building a new house, and having Engelsma Homes build the house, was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Recently we came home from vacation, walked into the home and could still smell the “new” house smell.

From the first parade of homes that we were exposed to Engelsma Homes we have always been impressed with the quality of the home. Maybe more important, we are still impressed with the people of Engelsma Homes.   We have and will continue to recommend Engelsma Homes to our friends and family. If we were to build again there would be no question; one call to Engelsma Homes.

We believe there is a reason the company is called “Engelsma Homes” and not Engelsma Builders…..they build homes, not houses! — David and Cathy

GREAT- that is how we would sum up our building experience with Englesma Homes. Right away we witnessed estimated pricing was available very early in the talking stage, plus, as we asked for pricing on additional options we saw the cost the next business day. Construction went smoothly start to finish, the quality is top notch and we are thrilled with our Englesma Home. Their entire staff was professional and the assistance we received from their interior decorator was an enormous help. We would certainly recommend and use Englesma Homes for our next building project.  — Don and Mary

We heard about Engelsma Homes from our Realtor who had previously worked with them and was very happy with the results. Engelsma Homes was one of three custom builders we interviewed. Some of the qualities that made them stand out from the others was their no pressure, honest, and open approach to home building. We were also impressed with their custom woodworking shop, interior design staff, and attention to detail and quality. The build process went better than expected. We’ve heard many stories of how building a home is stressful and often falls behind schedule and budget. Our experience with Engelsma Home was just the opposite, their dedicated staff guided us thru the entire process, and our home was completed on time and on budget. We have and will continue to recommend Engelsma Homes to anyone that is looking to build a new home. — Jim & Kris

We heard about Engelsma when we looked through one of their spec homes. We loved the overall look and feel of their homes. Quality and custom craftsmanship was apparent in all aspects of their homes. We were reluctant to go through the building process due to the demands on time and potential for cost overruns. After talking with them about their process, we were convinced that they had a good process that respected the time of their customers and was very transparent regarding costs. This was definitely true. We also really enjoyed working with Corinne. She did an excellent job of guiding us through the process. She is very talented and gave us great suggestions while always respecting our tastes. She clearly wanted to help us create a house we would love. We also really liked working with Dan Roelofs. He made sure everything was done right. The Engelsma Homes team are good, hard working, honest people who want to create a high quality home of which they are proud and in which the homeowner loves to live. — Joe & Tricia

We have been extremely pleased in our decision to build with Engelsma homes! We were referred to Engelsma by a friend and from our initial meeting all our expectations were exceeded. They have built not just a house but an incredible home for us. During the entire build process we felt like “family” with the attention the entire team gave to us. The team has made the building process very easy. They are very knowledgeable and give you the options and ideas that fit perfectly into your home and budget. They have wonderful communication skills with all individuals involved and are very good at keeping you informed about the status of the project. We appreciated how organized they were and how they pay such close attention to details. Especially how detailed their budgets and timelines are. They made our building process easy and stress free giving us peace of mind that we would have an extremely high quality custom built home. The project was completed on time and exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Engelsma Homes to anyone wanting to build a quality home in the area. — Matt & Rianne

What I like best about Engelsma Homes is that they honestly care about customer satisfaction. Their team did whatever it took to ensure our happiness, even years after our house was built. They truly take pride in what they do. Thanks! — Mike

We had a very enjoyable experience working with Engelsma Homes. We liked how the team kept us informed of any changes on the schedule as soon as they happened and how they kept their deadlines. We also liked their team and their work ethics. The results speak for themselves. — Selene

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